Corpo-real discourse moderator Shailoh Phillips

Shailoh Phillips (United States, 1979) is a researcher, educator and media artist. She will be moderating the Corpo-real discourse programme this colleyear.

CirC* Curator in residence 2018 Josh Plough

Josh Plough is our Curator in Residence. He is also design curator at Onomatopee Projects in Eindhoven and spends his time talking and writing about the intersection of design, art and technology criticism.

Students and alumni about Corpo-real

Corpo-real Facts from students and alumni 2018 from Corpo-real archives on Vimeo.

I experienced a good mindset: sometimes we need to focus on the process- not the final destination: like we could be happy on the road- not the end of it.

Phuong Duy Dao _ Participant summerschool 2017

24.01.18 lecture programme Work Body Leisure

Lecture programme and discussions with Liss C. Werner, Jonas Runberger, Peter van Assche, Karin Hedlund and Alice Twemlow.